Lipotomy - surgical intervention to enlarge the penis, advantages and disadvantages

Representatives of the dominant gender are almost always dissatisfied with their masculinity. To increase the length of their penis, they start using various medications, ointments and creams. Desperate men undergo penis enlargement surgery - ligamentotomy. This surgery can enlarge the penis by several centimeters.


Ligotomy is a surgical procedure to enlarge the penis and is characterized by the crossing of the suspensory ligaments. The ligament is located deep in the pelvis, attaches to the bony organ, and can also be long enough to pass through it and enlarge the penis. The anatomy of the ligaments allows the use of an extender to stretch the penis, thereby increasing the length by up to 5 cm.Surgery is performed under the following circumstances:
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • Penis length less than 12 cm;
  • Cavernous fibrosis;
  • Hereditary, congenital pathological conditions of male dignity;
  • the curvature of the penis;
  • Reduced levels of sex hormones;
  • Insufficient development and formation of male reproductive organs due to lack of chorionic gonadotropin;
  • the pathology of male dignity;
  • Changes in size due to injury and damage to the penis;
  • hypospadias and epispadias;
  • changes that men exhibit as they reach adulthood;
  • Prolonged sexual arousal and prolonged pathological erections;
  • Insufficient penis size leads to decreased self-confidence;
  • A man's personal desire to enhance his masculinity.
Men have low self-esteem due to small penis size


Surgical intervention is not suitable for:
  • diabetes;
  • Blood coagulation and viscosity dysfunction;
  • Under 18 years old;
  • Manifestations of allergy to anesthetic substances;
  • Acute infections and inflammatory processes in the body;
  • blood pressure dysfunction;
  • Penile epithelial diseases;
  • Penile surface injuries, lesions, ulcers;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • Central nervous system diseases;
  • cardiovascular system diseases;
  • Penis length exceeds 18 cm;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Autoimmune diseases.
Consult an orthopedic surgeon before ligament incision surgery


Performing a ligamentotomy requires repeated consultations with the surgeon. During the visit, the doctor takes the patient's medical history, warns of the risks and effectiveness of the procedure, and sends someone to perform a diagnosis. You need to go through:
  • Fluorography;
  • HIV and syphilis testing;
  • blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases;
  • examination by a psychiatrist;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • General, biochemical analysis of blood and urine;
  • Blood test for Rh, blood type;
  • Diagnose the presence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C;
  • Urinary tract bacterial smear;
  • Consult an anesthetist and, if necessary, visit other specialists.
The surgical procedure was scheduled to take place in the morning. The night before surgery you should:
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking;
  • Limit food intake;
  • Eliminate drug use;
  • Remove hair from the groin area, genitals, and scrotum.
Arrive at the designated time with all necessary documentation and examinations for the ligamentotomy.


The manipulation mechanism occurs in several stages. First, the patient is given anesthesia to relieve pain. During the consultation, the type of anesthesia will be discussed.Surgical intervention is performed in two ways.

through the pubic bone

Initially, surgeons used this method. Due to the large number of scars, trauma to the penis, and the intervention time exceeding 60 minutes, the results of this technique are not ideal. This type of ligamentotomy has more contraindications and negative factors and is no longer performed.

through scrotum

The surgeon makes an incision in the upper part of the scrotum. It dissects the ligaments and can then separate the penis from the tissue and extend it. The doctor fixes the penis in its new position. A specialized device (extender) is used to lengthen the penis from the tunnel space. The cavity is filled with autologous fat. The seams are then applied. The duration of surgical intervention ranged from 15 to 30 minutes. During the healing period, scarring can form between the pubic area and the penis, preventing the penis from returning to its original position.


The procedure is uncomplicated, so complications and side effects are rare. In rare cases it may appear:
  • Wound suppuration and infection;
  • bleeding;
  • lack of results;
  • swelling of the penis;
  • the transfiguration of masculine dignity;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • hematoma;
  • Decreased penile sensitivity;
  • Scarring forms on the surface of the penis.
Erectile dysfunction in men after penis enlargement surgeryIf one of these symptoms occurs, you must contact your doctor for help and to eliminate the deficiency.


After surgery, patients remain in the medical facility under the supervision of medical staff.To prevent negative pain and inflammatory processes, patients are prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. The drug, duration, dosage, and type of administration are determined individually by the physician for each patient.Sutures are removed 7-8 days after surgery. After discharge, doctors determine home treatment options and wound care. Rehabilitation includes:
  1. Take your medications regularly as directed by your doctor.
  2. Avoid sex and physical activity for up to three weeks.
  3. Wear specialized underwear to support the penis in one position.
  4. Clean and suture regularly.
  5. Go to the doctor.
After surgery, a special stretcher device is placed, which helps to keep the male genitals in one position and does not allow it to return to its original position. Its characteristic is that it has a relatively gentle effect and does not compress or rub scars. The wearing time is determined by the doctor, but should not be less than 21 days.After three months, the extender is placed on the man's penis. Initially, the device is worn for a few hours while the length increases. Daily wearing time increases to 8 hours per day. Length traction devices must be used daily for at least 4 months. The effect will be obvious after two months.The duration of wear and use of the extender is determined individually by the attending physician based on the structural and physiological characteristics of each patient.If you follow all the recommendations and wear the specialized equipment correctly, results will be visible within six months. By cutting the ligaments and stretching the penis, the length of the manhood can be increased up to 5 cm.


Modern methods of diagnosis and performing surgery do not cause serious disturbances, as well as pathological changes during the performance of ligamentotomy. This operation has minimal contraindications, but complications may arise due to incorrect work of the specialist:
  • The penis shrinks or remains the same;
  • Signs of severe scarring of epithelial tissue;
  • the transfiguration of masculine dignity;
  • Swelling of the testicles, testicular prolapse;
  • tissue death;
  • Groin hair moves onto the penis;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • Penis instability during intercourse;
  • Severe sensitivity or loss of penis.
Penis size reduction is one of the complications of surgical interventionIf these symptoms occur, you should contact your doctor immediately to find out the cause and provide qualified help.Before undergoing surgical intervention, you need to visit several specialists, conduct a thorough diagnosis, find out all the risks and positive aspects, and then decide on plastic surgery. Monitoring of clinics and doctors who perform ligamentotomies is mandatory.Penis enlargement surgery costs between $400 and $1, 300. Prices vary depending on the medical institution, specialist, and anesthesia method.Modern technology and craftsmanship are the main advantages of performing this surgery. Manual therapy is an innovative method of penis enlargement and therefore should only be performed by experienced and modern doctors.Penis enlargement using ligamentotomy can add a few centimeters to the length of your penis and provide lifelong benefits. Enhancing masculinity can help boost self-esteem, improve happiness, and improve a man's sex life.